Slide Gallery | Texas

Client | Art Alliance Austin, AIA-Austin and Austin Architecture Foundation

Project Type | Competition 

Status | Entry Submitted

Project Team | Geeta Pandit

Rendered Image

Project Note | Temporary Outdoor Gallery Space Ideas Competition 2009 was launched by  Art Alliance Austin partnering with AIA-Austin and Austin Foundation for Architecture. The requirements were to design a gallery space which is confined to a 10′-0″ x 10′-0″ x 12′-0″ and 10′-0″ x 20′-0″ x 12′-0″ (adaptable) structure.To have the flexibility of being able to stretch the space, one of the most common principle of push and pull was explored….just like a matchbox ! The idea was to unify the outdoor exhibit, provide prestigious gallery space for selected artists and also showcase works of emerging professionals within the international architecture community.

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