Disappearing Town

What would you call a town that vanishes the moment you enter?

It’s a town that can be only realized from the outside. Like any other tourist you enter right at the town gates where you are dropped off. The town streets are narrow and well shaded almost giving the effect of black shadow engulfing the yellow stones by every passing sun movement. Tight streets, tourists all around, few cafes and a view from a tower of Tuscan landscape leaves you baffled by the amount of time you invest to reach this place. Half of the people realise what they have missed once they leave the place and have a glimpse outside the bus window, while the other half are happy taking a nap after a hot day. You need to walk almost a mile outside the town trespassing the narrow wine yard paths and from between the bushes and trees the place reveals its true beauty. The fourteen rising stone towers set amidst in the beautiful wavy Tuscan landscape, strike the awe of the place. With lush green foreground and hierarchical shades of stones- the towers, the roofscape, and the buildings generate a magnificent sight which is worth the entire wait. The realization only happens from the outside.

– Hardik

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