Dwelling in the Future | New Model for Housing

Project Type | Research Publication

Status | Under development

Project Team | Pierre d’Avoine Architects, Geeta Pandit

Model Photo

Project Note | Dwelling in the Future will focus specifically on the issue of contemporary land value, availability and use as the fundamental condition determining architectural production, specifically housing, and present design research towards new models of housing design for the future which respond to this. The proposed volume will present a series of comparative proposals by Piere d’Avoine Architects for 7 housing/ mixed-use developments in the UK, which will set out for the first time data relating to the established use and ownership of each site, the social and cultural context, and development and architectural strategy, including interviews with each client.

Research Context:

The intention of our collaborative work over time has been to forward an understanding of architecture as an expression of social relations, embedded and embodied in material, form and context.  Accessibility to land represents a fundamental dimension of social relations as they are mapped onto the physical environment. For anthropologists working in the context of traditional societies, land or property tenure represents one of the key areas of social inquiry, fundamental to an understanding of social organisation and relationships.  In the modern context of complex urban societies, national planning systems may be understood as one of the most explicit forms of social representation, and yet the planning and development framework, and the land ownership system on which it is based, is mostly accepted as a given.

Geeta has been associated with PdAA since 2010 for this forthcoming publication. She has extensively worked and researched on to present detailed, comparative examples of designs for the making of humane and generous dwelling environments, incorporating opportunities for social interaction, individual self-expression, and equable co-existence which acknowledges the cultural difference and diversity typical of contemporary society.

Dwelling Typology

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