One Piazza, 11 Streets

They say that it’s the piazza that defines the gravity for the 11 streets. If you drop a ball it will find its way through the undulating streets all leading to its modus operandi-the piazza. It’s a town like a neuron with the piazza acting as the nucleus and the 11 streets as dendrites. Everyone comes for the Piazza in this little town; it’s an astounding tilted plain surrounded by a continuous unfolding of building façade that defines the space. But the most striking bit of the town is those hidden 11 streets and the permutation and combinations formed out of those nodes and antinodes- the small pocket piazzas. You have to go on a journey of those undulating streets to find most amazing vanishing points, ally of arches, two dips in a street and the pause square as a refuge to absorb the topographical silhouette of the roofscape.

– Hardik

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